Week 3 – History


The Donations Came In!

The 1972 Florida Legislature provided $100,000 in building funds to match the $75,000 provided by the Florida Federation of Garden Clubs through contributions secured primarily within Districts.

Each District contributing a minimum of $2,500 had a cabin named in its honor. We have 13 cabins with Indian names but if you look closely you will see a plaque indicating which district, garden club or person sponsored your cabin.

In Circle One we have:

  • Oklawaha
  • Osceola
  • Telecheekee
  • Timucua
  • Tocabega
  • Tomoka

In Circle Two we have:

  • Apalachee
  • Calusa
  • Coacoochee
  • Embokpagee
  • Loxahachee
  • Myakka
  • Molococo

Groundbreaking ceremonies were held March 14, 1973, for the youth camp facility which includes a dining hall, office/infirmary, staff/volunteer housing, cabins for campers and a craft building.