Nature – Camouflage Game


(Adapted from “The Ultimate Camp Resource)

Safety: Be sure to have your parent’s permission before playing this game.

Make sure to look for hazards before hiding and wear bug repellent!


One person is IT.

IT yells “CAMOUFLAGE” and starts counting to 30.

All the other players run away from IT and try to hide as well as possible (staying within your preset boundaries.)

The IT tries to find everyone but can only rotate where they are standing, they cannot take any steps.

If IT can’t find anyone they yell camouflage again, but this time counting to 10 and everyone has to find a new hiding spot , but they have to ALWAYS be moving closer to IT.

There are 2 ways to win: either be the last person for IT to find or be the first person to sneak up and tag IT.