7th Grade Tent Camping Program


At Wekiva Youth Camp, the 7th Grade Program is a time-honored tradition where campers have the opportunity for a week-long immersion in Florida’s natural wilderness.

While our main camp allows campers to unplug from technology and distractions by providing them a week of living inside beautiful Wekiwa Springs State Park, our 7th grade program — affectionately called “primitive” — takes the opportunity to be engrossed in the great outdoors a step further.

Campers are brought to a nearby primitive camping site within the state park, where the spend the majority of the week learning how to camp in tents, cook their own meals over a fire and live in one of Florida’s last pristine wildernesses without the distraction of light pollution, vehicles or even other campers.

No matter their experience level — whether they go camping with their family every weekend or have never slept in a sleeping bag before — campers are able to thrive in our primitive program thanks to the careful curriculum established by its coordinator. Every camper learns how to pitch their own tent, build their own fires, cook their own meals and properly dispose of items while preserving the space they are occupying. Primitive is a special program for older campers, because while they are supervised by experienced counselors and volunteers, it is a program that encourages the campers to make their own decisions, take initiative and lead the way. Together, as a group, campers collaborate on campground duties and activities. It is the same camp they love — with trips to the Springs, crafts and singalongs — experienced in a whole new way.

Our goal is that your camper comes home with a greater love and respect for nature, leadership skills and an understanding of what it means to be a team player. And do it all while building a pretty great camp fire.