Nature – Alligator Games


Alligator Games

Both of these games can be played indoors or outdoors.

(adapted from the Chickabug blog)

Alligator Alley:

You will need:
  • socks or cut out alligator shapes
  • a stuffed animal or similar object
  • a stopwatch, clock or timer
How to Play:
  • Put socks on the floor or ground. (if you like making crafts you can cut alligator shapes out of construction paper).
  • The socks are alligators!
  • Your goal is to rescue the stuffed animal from the other side of the playing area without stepping on an alligator!
  • For the first round everyone playing must hop across the room grab the stuffed animal and then hop back without landing on an alligator. If you land on an alligator you must start over (but keep the timer running).
  • Time everyone from start to finish to see who in your family is the fastest.
  • You can play more rounds by crawling, skipping, jumping and running.
  • Watch out for those gators!!

Musical Boats:

  • Lay towels on the floor or ground.
  • The towels are boats!
  • Have someone play music.
  • The players hop from “boat” to “boat” until the music stops.
  • Each time the music stops a “boat” is removed.
  • Anyone left without a “boat” when the music stops is gator bait and is eliminated from play.