Nature Extravaganza Scavenger Hunt


Nature Extravaganza Scavenger Hunt

Remember to get your parent’s permission to go outside on this scavenger hunt!

Have fun searching for these items in nature.
Remember, take only memories,
and leave only footprints!

See how many of the following things you can find in nature! Good Luck and have fun!!

_____ something fuzzy

_____ Y shaped branch

_____ a web

_____ pinecone

_____ caterpillar

_____ something purple

_____ crawling insect

_____ tree stump

_____ fallen branch

_____ mammal (not people!)

_____ flying insect

_____ 3 different kinds of trees

_____ mushrooms

_____ cloud that looks like an animal

_____ log

_____ something blue

_____ a pointy leaf

_____ a flock of birds

_____ smooth object

_____ water

_____ bee

_____ animal tracks

_____ lizard

_____ dragonfly

_____ acorn

_____ bumpy object

_____ hole in a tree

_____ tree with bark that is not brown

_____ yellow flower

_____ tree shorter than you

What was something you did not expect to see?

What was a special treasure you found?

If you’d like to download a copy of this list to take with you, just click on the link below!