Nature – Bird Scavenger Hunt


Birds, Birds and More Birds Scavenger Hunt

Remember to get your parent’s permission to go outside on this scavenger hunt!

Remember to observe with your ears and eyes and don’t disturb!
Can’t find everything? You can do this hunt over multiple days.

Sunnie says have fun!!

See how many of the following birds that you can find:

_____ A flying bird

_____ 2 birds together

_____ A bird eating

_____ A bird with a long tail

_____ A bird’s nest

_____ A place a bird can hide

_____ A bird on a wire

_____ A bird with long legs

_____ A bird feeder

_____ A bird singing

_____ A bird in a tree

_____ A bird on the ground

_____ Bird droppings

_____ 3 or more birds together

_____ A grey bird

_____ A bird carrying something

_____ A feather

_____ A bird with blue on it

_____ A bird resting

_____ A bird with a short tail

_____ A bird on a branch

_____ A bird with white on it

_____ A bird with red on it

_____ A bird smaller than your hand

_____ A colorful bird

_____ A mostly black bird

_____ A quiet bird

_____ A bird with a long beak

_____ A noisy bird

_____ A bird soaring high in the sky

If you’d like to download a copy of this list to take with you, just click on the link below!