Contact Information


For additional information or assistance, please contact the appropriate person:

Wekiva Youth Camp Chairman:

(Volunteer/Mentor Opportunities)

Tina Tuttle, 6755 Hwy 99, Molino, FL  32577


Wekiva Volunteer Training 

(Springtime Adult Camp Orientation)

Christy Linke, 2909 Aston Ave., Plant City, FL 33566


Wekiva Youth Camp Dwekivamorandirector:

(Counselor Employment Opportunities)

John Morand


While Wekiva Youth Camp is IN SESSION, the Telephone Number is:

(407) 886-8243


Wekiva Youth Camp Registrar:

(Camper Registration & Availability)

Betty Moxley, 1198 Wentworth Circle, Rockledge, FL  32955-2251


Critter Camp Chairman:

(Grades 1-2 Mini-Camp)

Christy Linke, 2909 Aston Ave., Plant City,FL 33566



(Financial Assistance)

Tina Tuttle, 6755 Hwy 99, Molino, FL  32577 for all other Camperships


Florida Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc. Treasurer:

(Donations – Payable to FFGC-Wekiva Youth Camp)

Jana Walling, 2121 Olivia Drive, Tallahassee, FL  32308-6164