Nature – Dragonfly Game


Dragonfly Game:

Lily pads make great landing platforms for dragonflies. In this game you will pretend to be a dragonfly racing to different lily pads.

Make some lily pads. You can use paper plates or construction paper.If you play this game outside you can use solid objects such as Frisbees.

To play:

Spread the “lily pads” apart in random patterns.

The object is to hop, jump or skip between the lily pads as fast as you can.

If you miss landing on a lily pad you must go back to the last lily pad that you were on and start over.

Have a family member time how fast that you complete the course.Change the pattern and see how fast you can complete the new course.

Another variation:

Line up the “lily pads” at different distances and toss beanbags at them and see who can get the closest.

If you don’t have a beanbag you can fill a small baggie with beans or similar items to create one!