Nature – Pond or Wetland Scavenger Hunt


Pond or Wetlands Scavenger Hunt

Go to a pond, lake, or wetlands to try to find these items.

Remember, get your parent’s permission, and observe with your eyes and don’t disturb!

_____ turtle

_____ caterpillar

_____ cattail

_____ flying dragonfly

_____ snail

_____ bird floating on the water

_____ damselfly

_____ butterfly

_____ large fish

_____ bird wading in the water

_____ yellow flower

_____ bee

_____ lily pad

_____ log

_____ insect sound

_____ frog sound

_____ white flower

_____ tall grass

_____ perching dragonfly

_____ fallen petals

_____ animal tracks

_____ an animal home

_____ a predator and its prey

_____ a fish’s food

_____ a tree near the water

_____ a mammal

_____ plants floating on the surface of the water

_____ insect swimming on the top of the water

If you’d like to download a copy of this list to take with you, just click on the link below!