Summer 2020 – Week 4


Hello and Welcome to Week 4!!

We’re happy to have you back! When we need to make an announcement at camp, the Director or Chairman may say the word “Announcement” while we’re in the dining hall. This special word kicks off a fun song called Announcements. It sure is lots of fun at camp when the speaker forgets and says it more than once. We sing it every time!

Announcements, announcements, announcements
A terrible way to die, terrible way to die
Terrible way to be bored to death
A terrible way to die
Announcements, announcements, announcements

We are so excited to have you join us for our Virtual Camp Wekiva Activities!

Many things to choose from and learn about in all the links below.

Go ahead and click one to see what you can find!!

And when it’s time for Light’s Out…..Enjoy listening to Taps.

Taps, performed on the bugle by Devon Villareal