Fees & Costs


Camp fees cover housing, meals, activities, and programs for a seven-day / six-night session.

Camper Not Sponsored by a Garden Club:

Registration                              340.00wekiva15

Activity Fee                                 35.00

Processing Fee                             5.00

TOTAL FEE                             $380.00

Camper Sponsored by a Garden Club:

Registration                              240.00

Activity Fee                                 35.00

Processing Fee                             5.00

TOTAL FEE                             $280.00

Camper Child/Grandchild with Volunteer (same week):

Registration                               135.00

Activity Fee                                  35.00

Processing Fee                              5.00

TOTAL FEE                              $175.00

For your convenience, you can now pay by credit card.

Please Note that Fees for Critter Camp (1st or 2nd Graders) are $130 and Leaders In Training (9th Graders) are $405. Detailed Information is available on these specific Program Registration Forms.

Financial Assistance is available to assist with all or part of the Registration Fee (not including Critter Camp or Leaders In Training).

There are NO REFUNDS for fees paid after May 15th.  Additionally, payments for Camper Registrations that are not used (because of cancellations after May 15th or No Shows) are NOT carried from year to year.  Thank you for your understanding.