Current Wish List


The wish list items below have been requested by our progam leaders or are long-term camp wide projects we’d love to be able to improve our camp with. Thank you for your support of Wekiva Youth Camp!

To submit a donation, please contact our Chairman at

Crafts$250Durable, washable, reusable eco-friendly tote bags
Crafts$150Tree Cookie Nametags
Nature$650(5) Digital Cameras
Nature$60Batteries for Digital Cameras
Nature$175Assorted Stamps for Nature Journaling
Nature$60Broadline and Thinline Markers
Waterfront$525(4) Baby CPR Manikins
Waterfront$460(4) Adult CPR Manikins
Waterfront$115(1) AED Trainer
Primitive$360(2) Tent Replacements
Primitive$150Sealing for Tents
Primitive$30,000Pavillion at Primitive Camping Area
Primitive$600(4) Picnic Tables
LIT$2,025Coach bus to/from Marine Science Center
Clinic$275Air Purifier
Clinic$160Littman Stethoscope
Clinic$40Pulse Oximeter
Clinic$65AED Replacement Pads
Clinic$250AED Battery
Clinic$225/yrOver-the-Counter Medications
Clinic$100Tray table with wheels
Office$275Air Purifier
Kitchen$9,500Cook and Hold Oven
Kitchen$1,375Drink dispenser
Kitchen$4,500Hot/cold wells for service
Kitchen$500Second Griddle
Kitchen$500Supplementary plates, bowls, cups,
ladles and other assorted kitchenware
WYC$300/yrWaldo Photo App Yearly Sponsorship
WYC$7,500Resurface Pool Interior