Adult Volunteers


Adult Volunteers – from Garden Clubs, Circles and Friends –  include Educators, Registered Nurses, LPNs, Environmental Professionals and helping hands that assist in Crafts, Nature Study, Health Clinic, Office Work, Canteen, Check In/Check Out, and our special programs.  Many (but not all) of these individuals attend Wekiva Leadership Training to learn more about Wekiva Youth Camp and how it operates.  Adult Volunteers are coordinated and scheduled by the Wekiva Youth Camp Chairman.

In order to maintain a safe and secure camp and comply with state laws and procedures that have been filed with ACA to maintain our accreditation, it is no longer possible to just “show up” to volunteer at Wekiva Youth Camp.  The process has been streamlined into FOUR STEPS to assist those coming to volunteer.  These steps are:

  1. Complete the ON-LINE VOLUNTEER REGISTRATION (at the bottom of the list), accessed by clicking here.
  2. The Wekiva Youth Camp Chairman will contact you regarding availability of volunteer opportunities during your preferred dates and duty assignment.  (If you have not been contacted by April 15th, please contact the appropriate Chairman.)
  3. Complete the Fingerprinting (Background Check) Process during the months of April and May.
  4. After your Fingerprints have Cleared, the appropriate Chairman will contact you to confirm your volunteer dates.  You will need to submit to the appropriate Chairman the following:

Volunteers are encouraged to attend Wekiva Volunteer Training which is held in February each year. Registration for this event will be open in the Fall. Register here for Wekiva Volunteer Training.

Our Open House will be held on the Sunday following the Volunteer Training. Garden Club members, family, friends, current campers and future campers are invited to drop by to tour the facilities and learn more about Wekiva Youth Camp during the Open House.  Stop by our Open House by just coming in through the Wekiwa Springs State Park Main Gate and let them know you are going to the Open House. Use this map for Directions to Wekiva Youth Camp.

The most frequently requested information by Adult Volunteers  are the Adult Recommended Packing List the Wekiva Youth Camp Dress Code, and the Directions to Wekiva Youth Camp.  In addition, there are 20 Documents for Adult Volunteers that you may find necessary and helpful during your time at Wekiva Youth Camp.   These documents will not be distributed at camp so you might want to print them for your personal use.  Volunteers may also want to check out the information in the NOT Just for Campers section which includes additional information including a Map of Wekiva Youth Camp (complete with cabin names).

Fingerprinting (Background Check) Information:

The Florida Legislature has made major changes regarding fingerprinting and background checks of volunteers and employees at summer camps.  These changes went into effect in 2015 and are always subject to change and adjustment.   It is now necessary for the Wekiva Youth Camp Chairman to register Volunteers with the AHCA Clearinghouse PRIOR to fingerprinting. The good news is that fingerprints will now last longer than one summer in the system.

There are two forms that are needed by the Wekiva Youth Camp Chairman to register you with the AHCA Clearinghouse prior to volunteering:  Background Screening Request FormPrivacy Policy Form.  These two forms can be scanned and emailed to the Wekiva Youth Camp Chairman or mailed to the Wekiva Youth Camp Chairman Mary Whisler, 2755 N. Carnoustie Loop, Lecanto, FL 34461YOU MUST BE REGISTERED BY THE WEKIVA YOUTH CAMP CHAIRMAN BEFORE YOU APPEAR AT THE LIVESCAN VENDOR FOR FINGERPRINTING.   If you have had problems with your fingerprints in the past, plan on getting registered, then fingerprinted in APRIL.  Otherwise, you should plan on getting the two forms to the Wekiva Youth Camp Chairman before APRIL 20th, then getting your fingerprints done beginning May 1st.  THE WEKIVA YOUTH CAMP CHAIRMAN WILL SEND YOU THE FORMS YOU NEED AND A LIST OF APPROVED PROVIDERS IN YOUR AREA.

NOTE:  If you work in a profession with a Level II Background Screening currently on file, you do not have to have another screening.  You may supply either a letter from your Employer documenting that you have a current Level II Background Screening in place within 90 days of when you plan to be at camp or a recent pay stub showing your Name and your Employer’s Name, with the salary information blacked out. 

The cost for Livescan Vendors can vary widely.  Wekiva Youth Camp will reimburse up to $80.00 for your Livescan upon completion of your Volunteering and presentation of your receipt.  Many of our Volunteers and Staff donate the cost of their Live Scan.  For that, we thank you.  Fingerprints are sent electronically for screening, your receipt is proof of your Livescan being completed.  The Wekiva Youth Camp Chairman is the one person designated to handle fingerprinting of volunteers regardless of whether you are a Critter Camp Volunteer or a general Wekiva Youth Camp Volunteer.

The Wekiva Youth Camp Chairman will contact you to confirm that your fingerprints have cleared.  DO NOT REPORT TO CAMP UNTIL YOU RECEIVE NOTIFICATION THAT YOUR FINGERPRINTS HAVE CLEARED.  Please call or email the Wekiva Youth Camp Chairman if you have not received notification by June 1st.  (It can take up to three weeks for processing.)

Thank you for your dedication!