Summer 2020 FAQ’s


Hello Wekiva Youth Camp Family!
I hope you are all doing well! As you might imagine, I have received many emails in the past few days, asking questions about camp, moving forward. I have decided to compile a list of questions that are on the minds of our campers and their families and I have provided answers to each. Many of you help to sponsor campers, so I wanted to keep you in the loop.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • I still haven’t received my refund yet. When is it coming? Refunds are being issued in groups. Many have already been issued and the remainder should be issued this week. 
  • My child was supposed to be in a special (Critter Camp, 7th or 8th grade) program. Will he/she have the opportunity to experience that program next year? Because of the varying capacity limits of each program, next summer, campers will not participate in the program that they missed this summer. However, if your child was a 1st grade student this year, he/she will still be eligible to participate in the Critter Camp program next year, following their 2nd grade year in school. But if your child was in the second grade this year, he/she will be eligible for the full week program (3rd-6th graders) next summer. Campers who were due to be in the 7th grade/Tent Camping program or Naturalist program this summer, will register for the 8th grade/Environmental Education program next summer.
  • My child was supposed to be in the 8th grade program this year. How are you going to handle selections for the Leaders in Training (LIT) program for next year? Campers who were supposed to participate in the 8th grade/Environmental Education program this summer, will have the opportunity to complete an application for our Leaders in Training (LIT) program next summer. From those applications, 28 will be invited to participate in that program.
  • Because my child was already registered for this summer, will we have priority status over new registrations when registering next year? Unfortunately, that would not work. Again, because of the varying capacity limits in each program, we cannot guarantee admission to camp. We will simply have registration, just as if we had been able to have camp this summer.
  • Since we already registered for camp this summer, are we able to use that same registration for next summer? Unfortunately, no. All campers will have the same opportunity to register next summer. Many things change over the course of a year and we don’t want there to be inaccuracies on your registration forms.
  • My child received a scholarship to attend camp this summer. Will that same scholarship be available for my child next summer? There are limited opportunities for scholarships to camp. Those will be available, as they are every year, however, they will not carry over from this summer to next summer. If you have a need for a scholarship, you will need to reapply next summer.
  • My child was sponsored by a garden club. What happens to that sponsorship? Garden clubs who sponsored campers this summer, were refunded that money as well. So if you received a sponsorship for this summer, it will not carry over to next summer. This does not mean you will not be eligible for a sponsorship. It simply means that you will have to go through the process again next summer.
  • Are there going to be any activities available on the camp website, that my child will be able to explore this summer? Yes. We are working on a few programs that will be on our website this summer. We will have weekly activities and songs ready by June 14. Each week , we will add additional activities, songs and information. And while we understand that this will not take the place of being at camp, it may offer campers some opportunities to learn songs, Blessings and grow in their knowledge of the environment virtually.
  • How and when will registrations be available to families? We will still have registration for camp opened up on January 2. However, we will stagger the start times for different grade levels, so that we don’t overload the system. For this year’s registration, we had 306 campers register in the first hour that it was opened. Those who were registered for the 8th grade program this summer, will be sent a private link to apply to participate in our Leaders in Training (LIT) program. 

John Morand
Director, FFGC Wekiva Youth Camp