Song – The Bee


The Bee

There was a bee-i-e-i-e

Upon a limb-i-m-i-m

A little boyoioioioi

Looked up at him-i-m-i-m

The little boyoioioioi

Picked up a sick-i-ick-i-ick

And gave that bee-i-e-i-e

And awful lick-i-ick-i-ick

The little bee-i-e-i-e

Began to sting-i-ing-i-ing

That little boyoioioioi

Like anything-i-ing-i-ing

The little boyoioioioi

Began to yell yell yell 

And told that bee-i-e-i-e

To go to WAIT!!!

Down on the Suwannee River

That’s where the bad bees go-ooo-ooo.