Nature – Sensory Scavenger Hunt


Sensory Scavenger Hunt

Be sure you participate with adult supervision and do not touch anything unless your adult considers it safe. MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL – HAVE FUN!

I feel:

___ something smooth

___ something fuzzy

___ something rough

___ something strong enough to climb on

___ something cold

___ something spiky

I smell:

___ something fresh

___ something stinky

___ something fruity

___ something sweet

___ something earthy

___ something that smells like food

I hear:

___ a weather sound

___ something that snaps

___ an insect sound

___ music I make

___ a soft sound

___ something that crunches

___ something nearby

___ something far away

I see:

___ something tiny

___ something in your favorite color

___ something tall

___ something an animal could eat

___ something colorful

___ something left by an animal

If you’d like to download a copy of this list to take with you, just click on the link below!