Nature – Rabbits and Bobcat Games


Rabbit & Bobcat Games

Nature Sounds:

Find a place in nature to sit comfortably for at least 5 minutes.

Sit quietly like a rabbit does when they listen for predators.

See how many things you can name that you hear in that time.

Each player can write a list of the sounds that they hear.

See who in your family can hear the most things.

To make it more challenging close your eyes or wear a blindfold.

Challenge your family to sit quietly like a Cottontail Rabbit for 15 minutes and repeat this activity.

Variation: You could also try this game at different locations and different times of the day

Pin the Tail on the Rabbit:

Draw a rabbit on a large piece of paper.

Roll up a piece of tape and put it on the back of a cotton ball. Make as many cotton ball tails as you have players.

Blindfold players one at a time and have them try to attach the cotton ball tail in the correct spot.

The closest one wins!

Rabbit Race:

Have all the players sit in a circle.

One player is a rabbit. The rabbit hops around the circle holding a basket. The rabbit places the basket behind one on the seated players. That player must run after the rabbit and try to tag them.

If the rabbit sits down at the spot that the player left, that player now becomes the rabbit.

If the player tags the rabbit before he sits down, the rabbit continues play as the rabbit and repeats the process.

The Bobcat Game:

(adapted from Joseph Cornell’s Sharing Nature with Children)

Find an area in your yard or park that is around 15 feet across.

One player is the Bobcat.

The Bobcat is blindfolded and starts in the center of the circle.

The other players are rabbits. The rabbits spread out in the playing field.

When the game starts the Bobcat listens for the rabbits and tries to tag one.

If the Bobcat gets too close to the edge of the circle the rabbits taps the Bobcat twice to get the Bobcat back in the playing field.

A tagged rabbit will become the bobcat and the bobcat will become a rabbit.

To make the game more challenging the rabbits could wear a bell or something that will make a noise as they move around.