Nature – Nighttime Scavenger Hunt


Nighttime Scavenger Hunt

Please enjoy this nighttime scavenger hunt safely with an adult and a flashlight!

Be patient! Some of these things take time to observe. If you can’t find everything on one night try again a few days later!

See how many of the following items that you can find:

_____ a twinkling star

_____ the moon

_____ cricket sounds

_____ bird sounds

_____ a star that does not twinkle (it is a planet!)

_____ a constellation

_____ the sound of a mammal (not people!)

_____ frog sounds

_____ the sound of wind through the leaves

_____ shooting star (you need to have lots of patience!)

_____ a bat

_____ a spiderweb

_____ a flying insect near a light

_____ a shadow

_____ animals rustling in the trees

Draw the shape of the moon that you see:

Draw a constellation that you see:

If you’d like to download a copy of this list to take with you, just click on the link below!