Nature – Holes Scavenger Hunt


Holes Scavenger Hunt

Get outside and see what you can find with this fun Scavenger Hunt looking for Holes!! With your parent’s permission, go around your home and community on a scavenger hunt and see how many you can find!

  • Manmade hole
  • Hole higher than your head on a tree (upper trunk)
  • Hole lower than your head on a tree (lower trunk)
  • Hole in the ground
  • Hole in a fallen log
  • Hole smaller than your finger
  • Round hole
  • Hole you can sit in
  • Tree with more than 10 holes
  • Hole with a plant growing in it
  • Hole with an insect in it
  • Hole in a rock
  • Hole in a wall
  • Hole in a leaf
  • Hole in a nut
  • Hole you can see through
  • Hole made by an insect
  • Hole in a flower
  • Holes that do not fit into any category

If you’d like to download a copy of this list to take with you, just click on the link below!