20 Documents for Adult Volunteers


There are twenty documents that our Adult Volunteers find necessary and helpful during their time at Wekiva Youth Camp.  Volunteers are asked to review these documents before they come to camp and PRINT AND BRING TO CAMP copies for their own personal use.  You may want to put these pages in a folder or binder.  These pages will not be distributed at camp.  These documents are:

  1. 2015 Daily Schedule
  2. 50 Ways to Say Very Good
  3. Cabin Departure Guidelines
  4. Conservation Pledge
  5. Emergency Action Plans
  6. FFGC Wekiva Youth Camp Policies and Procedures– 2 pages
  7. Flag Ceremony
  8. Friday Night Ceremony
  9. General Daily Information
  10. General Information about Our Camp
  11. Health Care and the Clinic
  12. History of Cabin Names – 2 pages
  13. History of FFGC Wekiva Youth Camp
  14. Miscellaneous
  15. Program Areas
  16. Sunday Schedule
  17. Traditions at Wekiva Youth Camp
  18. Transportation and Trip Safety
  19. Wekiva Youth Camp Job Descriptions
  20. Welcome to Wekiva Youth Camp

For your convenience, these twenty documents are also available as a multi-page document(22 pages long).


There are 20 Documents for Adult Volunteers that you will find necessary and helpful during your time at Wekiva Youth Camp.   Please review these documents before you come to camp and PRINT AND BRING TO CAMP copies for your own personal use.