Critter Camp (Grades 1-2)


COST: $100.00 ($25 Return Check Fee; No Refunds after May 15th)


CHECK-IN: Tuesday 1:30 – 2:00 pm

CHECK-OUT: Thursday 10:00 – 10:30 am.

Critter Camp is a mini-camp experience for boys and girls that have completed the 1st or 2nd grade. The three-day / two-night program introduces future campers to Wekiva Youth Camp with age-appropriate sessions in Nature, Crafts & Swimming and allows them to join with older campers at the Flag Circle and meals in the Dining Hall. Critter Camp happens right in the middle of a week of regular camp.

For many Critters, this is their first time away from home so care is taken to keep them busy and stimulated as they learn about Nature, Swim (or splash) in the pool, enjoy relevant Craft activities, and gather around the campfire to make s’mores. Our experienced Counselors are trained to handle these Critters as they “live” together in rustic cabins, participate in the Flag Circle, and see first hand how the older Campers enjoy the magic and beauty of Wekiva Youth Camp. Adult Volunteers who are members of FFGC Garden Clubs are wekivacritter1specially selected for their talent and experience of interacting with young children as they learn to be good stewards of our fragile environment.

Critters arrive after Lunch on a Tuesday and jump right into the magic of Wekiva Youth Camp. They spend Tuesday and Wednesday night sleeping with their same-gender cabin mates and Counselors. Critter Camp is over before Lunch on Thursday. Fee includes housing, meals, activities & programs. Adults interested in Volunteering at Critter Camp are encouraged to contact the Critter Camp Chairman. Additional information is available from the Critter Camp Chairman.

All Critter Camp Registrations will be done through On-Line Registration. Space is limited, so Register Early. Click on the ON-LINE Registration Tab in the box at the upper right side of the page.

For your convenience, we have also provided the following:

1. Critter Camper Recommended Packing Checklist: New clothes are not necessary and are actually discouraged. Please be certain that camp clothing complies with the Wekiva Youth Camp Dress Code, that is followed by Campers, Staff & Volunteers.

2. Directions to Wekiva Youth Camp: Please note that Critter Camp enters through the Main Gate of Wekiwa Springs State Park.